A new study has just revealed that millennials are proposing in very traditional ways, like getting down on one knee and asking their future father in laws for permission. One thing that differs from past generations is that they are purchasing engagement rings online rather than in a traditional jewellery store.

Although this may seem surprising, this is more likely to become the norm.

We’ve put together a guide buying an engagement ring online vs. in store

Buying from a bricks and mortar store...

Getting an engagement ring goes a little something like this: your fiancée may come in store to pick out an engagement ring. He or she will choose a ring. If she loves it, then job well done. If not, or alternatively, you may come in together and choose the perfect ring.

Experienced sales staff will talk you through everything you need to know and they are there to answer any questions you may have. An engagement ring is a big purchase so you want to know you are getting the best advice, that is both honest and professional.

The great thing about buying in store is that most places will throw in additional extras like free cleaning and polishing before your wedding. You also have the peace of mind that if anything happens the ring or it needs a repair, you can get your jeweller to take care of it quickly and safely, without much hassle.

Another benefit of buying in a physical store, is building rapport with your local jeweller. It is not uncommon for a smaller jewellery store to have long standing relationships with their customers and families. Relationships like this will ensure you'll get the very best deals and you will be looked after. 

Here’s our advice for choosing a jeweller:

-How long have they been in business? A well established jewellers will have expertise that you just won’t find in a franchise or fashion jewellery store.

-Is there a goldsmith in store? Although this is not essential it can be a huge advantage. It ensures that any tweaks or repairs can be taken care of quickly.

-What is their reputation like? Word of mouth is a still a powerful thing today but you can also check some independent reviews online where you can a good indication on how trustworthy the business is.

Buying online...

There are plenty of pros to buying online. You have a much bigger selection, you can compare prices and specs easily and you can browse from the comfort of your own home.

All this choice and comfort also means more things to consider. Buying online can be risky and you need to do an incredible amount of research to make sure sure the purchase goes smoothly. So what should you look for:

-How long has the website been up and running? A website that has been running for sometime is generally a good sign so long as you check out a number of independent sources for reviews. The website should look professional and up-to-date. If it looks a little cheap or phoney then stay away.

-Is the website secure? Don’t take any chances with your credit card details. Make sure the website is https. This means your information is safe from hackers.

-How transparent is the website? Is there company information and contact information? And how easy is it to find? Concealed contact information should be a warning to you.

-Is there someone you can talk to at the other end of the phone who can offer you advice and answer any questions you may have? It is natural that you may have questions or may want to speak to someone over the phone for a big purchase.

-Get educated. Before forking out big bucks, get educated on the diamond characteristics and know what the ring is worth. Generally you get what you pay for so if the ring is exceptionally cheap then there's a reason. Look into the gemstone characteristics and metal hallmarks. 

-Jewellery is notoriously difficult to photograph and edit so the real thing can look slightly different than the picture. Most jewellers will only be delighted to take extra snaps and email them to you so you can can a better idea of what the ring looks like. Don’t be afraid to ask.

-Do you have the correct ring size? Be wary that some rings with stone settings on the band cannot be resized. Which leads us to the return policy. It’s important to be aware of the return policy before you buy.

In conclusion there are pros and cons to both purchasing in store and online. You can also go for a hybrid option. You can do your research online, find your dream ring and we can create it for you. That way you are getting the best of both worlds. Happy shopping!