A timeless Design...

I think when most of us think of an engagement ring we have an instant picture of a solitaire. It is the classic engagement ring and has been an incredibly popular choice for decades.

There are so many great reasons to choose a solitaire engagement ring but the main one has to do with it's simple design. Unlike other styles, solitaires don't go out of fashion. Other trends can come and go but like all great designs, simplicity is timeless.

Unlike more intricate designs, it's all about the diamond.

Don't ever think that solitaires are boring...

There can be a huge amount of variation in designs. You can have a traditional four prong setting, six prong setting or you can choose a North South East and West setting.

You can also have beautiful features in the collet so when you view your ring from the side you can be surprised by a beautiful design. Some have a peek-a-boo diamond set on the side.

The band can also be plain, engraved or stone set. The ways in which the stones are set have a big impact on the overall look of the ring.

Most of us also associate a round brilliant cut diamond but you can also have an oval cut, princess cut , pear cut or an unusual heart shaped diamond.

More recently people are opting for gemstones other diamonds. Morganites have become a popular choice with their pretty pink hues. You can also go much bigger without compromising on your budget.

A safe choice...

For grooms to be, a solitaire can be a safe choice. More intricate designs may not reflect the style of the  fiancée-to-be. The bride can always enhance the the ring with a glitzy wedding band later on if they wish.