I think it's safe to say that most women love jewellery. Some famous women have taken their love of jewellery to the next level and have made the pieces they have worn as iconic as themselves. Here are some famous women and their jewellery. 

Elizabeth Taylor

Its hard to think of Liz Taylor and not think of diamonds. Perhaps one of the greatest lovers of diamonds that ever lived, Liz Taylor possessed some of the most extravagant pieces of jewellery in the world. She owned pieces like the Taylor Burton diamond, the Mike Todd diamond tiara, the Cartier Ruby Suite and the BVLGARI emerald suite. Most of her jewellery was sold at a landmark auction at Christies after she died. The auction broke the world record for the most valuable sale of jewellery.

Princess Diana

We all know that picture of Diana when she stepped out of her car (fresh from Prince Charles' affair confession) wearing a figure-hugging black silk dress now known as the revenge dress, and seven-strand diamond and sapphire pearl choker. Although she wore the choker on many occasions, that moment was particularly memorable. Diana was a fan of choker necklaces and they became a signature part of her style.  

We cannot talk about Dianas jewellery and not mention her sapphire and diamond engagement ring. This ring has become one of the most famous pieces of jewellery ever and that status was solidified when Prince William used it to propose to Kate Middleton. The ring has been widely replicated since Dianas engagement. 

Joan Collins

When I think of Joan Collins I think leopard print, black eyeliner, bright pink lipstick and sparkling statement jewellery. Joan has become inseparable from the Dynasty character Alexis but like her character she still wears chandelier earrings and sparkling statement necklaces. She recently auctioned off some of her jewellery. It would take a very bold and daring woman to pull off Joans jewellery!  

Angelina Jolie

Angelina joile is a woman of classic style. She is known for simple dresses and magnificent jewellery on the red carpet. Angelina is a big fan of emeralds and aside from Cleopatra, she is another lady that comes to mind when we think of this majestic stone. Back in 2009 she wore a pair of emerald drop earrings weighing 115 carats and a matching emerald ring weighing 65 carats. They remain to be some of the most expensive pieces of jewellery ever worn at the Oscars.

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