With Fathers Day fast approaching, we’ve put a list together a list of some gifts that your Dad will love better than socks! We have something in store for every type of dad. 

The Office Dad

Treat your Dad to a Cross Pen. Cross pens are handcrafted in the US and have become iconic in their own right thanks to their high quality. Personalize them with an engraving so he’ll always be reminded of you.

The Outdoorsy Dad

We have a large selection of sports watches in store from brands like Lorus, Swatch, Pulsar and Seiko. Sports watches are durable, water resistant and have tons of cool features so your Dad won’t be disappointed.

The Rock n Roll Dad

For those fashion forward Rock n Roll types we stock really cool stainless steel and leather bracelets from designers like Salvatore Bersani. 

The Security Conscious Dad

Ögon Wallets not only look really slick but they are certified "RFID Safe”, meaning they prevent any chance of unauthorized scanning of your cards or access to your personal information.

The Blue Collar Dad

Expandable bracelet watches are fantastic for men who work with their hands. They are both comfortable and easy to slip on. Most expandable bracelet watches have a clear dial and glow in the dark numerals, making it easy to read the time is visually difficult conditions.

If your Dad is not one of these types, we stack a large range of watches, cufflinks and jewellery in store. Call in store, or check our our Fathers Day section to find the perfect gift.