Looking to buy a truly special gift this Christmas? Jewellery always makes a special gift. The question is what kind of jewellery should you get?

Jewellery falls into two categories, costume jewellery or fine jewellery. 

So what are the benefits to costume jewellery?

The cost is much lower than fine jewellery. You can pick up several pieces of costume jewellery for pretty cheap these days and most fashion stores have their own ranges. Another major benefit is that you can buy chunky pieces for a low cost and unless you're Elizabeth Taylor, there's no way you could afford a fine version of it.

But cheap comes at a cost. Most people will be lucky to get three or four wears out of a piece of costume jewellery before is begins to turn green or breaks. Costume jewellery can be difficult to repair. Increasingly we are consuming more and more stuff that ends up rusting in the back or a drawer or laying in a landfill somewhere. Things we save up for and invest in are the things we look after and treasure.

Fine jewellery is considerably more expensive and is much more delicate looking to costume jewellery. The reason is fine jewellery is made from precious metals like sterling silver, gold or platinum and can be set with precious or semi precious stones. Fine jewellery is regarded as keepsakes, heirlooms or investments as they hold their value over time and generally hold great sentimental value.

If you are looking for jewellery this Christmas remember for the price of a handful of costume jewellery pieces, you could get something really special.

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