Do you like a simple no-frills type or ring?

Then the classic gold wedding ring may appeal to you, though there are many types of simple rings. The width and shape of the ring can make rings look quite different. There are also many options available to make your simple wedding band more comfortable for you.

Perhaps a twist on the simple wedding ring is for you. What about a ring with ribbed edges, a white gold inlay stripe, a satin finish textured ring rather than a polished texture, a two-tone ring with yellow and white gold or a woven pattern. There are many subtle yet stylish options available. If you don’t see what you like, Lazlo Jewellers can create a wedding band just for you from their bespoke service.


The most common width for a man’s wedding ring is 5mm but they can be anything from 3mm to 12mm. You won’t know what ring suits your hand until you try the various options but don’t assume that a larger hand will need a wider ring. Quite often a very wide ring on a big hand can look bulky and a narrower ring is a much neater choice.


You might just want a very simple ring but if you would prefer a little detail you can now choose the finishing touches. Whether you prefer a groove, a pattern or a texture, there are lots of possibilities.

As you can see there is lots of choice when it comes to finding your perfect wedding ring. You can browse our collection online or call in store to try them on and we’d be happy to advise on the best choice for you!