A diamond engagement ring is many things. It's a symbol of commitment, a token of love and is a beautiful adornment. To us, however, it is a work of art, a process of turning raw materials into something beautiful to be treasured forever.

Here are all the steps involved in creating a bespoke diamond engagement ring:

1. Gold or platinum is melted down and poured into a mold. After it has cooled down, it is tipped out and placed through a milling machine. This curves the metal to become the shank. This is the ring part that fits around your finger.

2. Next, the collet is handmade and soldered onto the shank. This is a part of the ring that contains the claws that will eventually hold the diamond. The claws are filed to remove any bumps and sharp edges and then goes through a polishing process.

3. The diamond is then set carefully by a stone setter. This is a specialised process, as the stone needs to be set securely, all the while showing off the brilliance of the stone.

4. The ring is given one final polish before is ready to become part of another beautiful love story.

Watch the filmed process here

Alternatively, you can choose a mount which is a pre-made shank and claws, and we will fit it with the perfect diamond.