We often have customers call into us and tell us that they have seen a similar ring elsewhere for less. But why would similar products differ so much in price?

The answer lies in the metal quality. A ring with less gold, platinum, or palladium content is considerably cheaper to purchase. So is it not as good?

It depends on what you think is good.

Jewelley can be many things; a token of love or an expression of ones style. It may have immense sentimental value. For any one of these reasons, jewellery can be precious, but at the end of the day it's the metal that holds the intrinsic value of the piece. Precious metal is one of the only comodities that holds it's value, and for that reason alone, you should know what you are buying. Don't be fooled by low prices or popular branding. Ask questions before you buy.

A common example would be men looking for a wedding band. We would reccomend that tradesmen would go for a 9 karat gold ring as the alloy metal content is much more than 14 karat or 18 karat, and therefore is more durable. For gents looking for palladium bands however, we offer 950 palladium bands. This means that it 950 out of 1000 parts are palladium. Cheaper jewellers offer paladium rings for less because usually the palladium content is just 550. 

As that old saying goes...you get what you pay for.