Few things hold sentimental value like jewellery does so it is important to look after it with care. Here are some quick tips on looking after your jewellery.

Gemstone set jewellery

When it comes to gemset jewellery, know that gems are held by small claws. These claws can get snagged and wear down after some time. It's good to drop into your jeweler every year or two and have them examine the claws to ensure they are in good condition. A broken or damaged claw may result in the loss of a stone which can be expensive to replace.

Chemicals and jewellery

To avoid your precious jewellery coming in contact with chemicals, get in the habit of taking your jewellery off while cleaning or bathing. Chemicals can damage metals and stones. Chlorine is a big culprit for destroying jewellery so remember to leave it at home before you go for a swim.


We all know if we leave something exposed to the sun, the color fades. The same goes for jewellery, so don't leave your jewellery sitting on a window sill or anywhere that it will have prolonged exposure to the sun.

Storing your jewellery

When it come to storing jewellery, there are certain practices that will protect your jewellery from getting damaged. Keep each piece separate to avoid friction. You may want to place each piece in some cloth or in pouches. Keep your jewellery away from sunlight. Although keeping your jewellery in a bowl or on a jewellery tree looks great, it can leave your jewellery exposed to damage. A jewellery box is great for storing your jewellery safely.

Cooking & gardening

Be practical when it comes to cooking of gardening. These activities can leave dirt stuck in your jewellery that can be difficult to remove so it's best to leave them aside before you roll up your sleeves.

Manual Work

If you work with your hands, it may be best to leave your rings at home otherwise you may be prone to marking the metal or knocking out a stone.

Gold plated jewellery

Gold plated jewellery will fade no matter what you do but you can prolong the colour by doing all of the above, with emphasis on avoiding chemicals of any kind - especially perfume.

Keep it shiny!

There are many ways to keep your jewellery shiny but we recommend good old soapy warm water and a toothbrush. Polishing cloths are great for bringing up the shine of the metal effectively. For white gold jewellery, you will need to get them rhodium plated every so often to bring up the brightness.

If you take the time to look after your jewellery, there's no reason why it shouldn't retain it's original beauty and last a lifetime.