Almost every proposal goes like this: the guy gets down on one knee and opens a box with a beautiful ring. If all goes well, she'll throw her arms around him and say "yes!" Sounds pretty straight forward right?

If it were as straight forward as this than why are so many internet forums are filled with questions from anxious grooms-to-be like:

How do I know her style?

Are rings refundable?

What if she doesn't like it?

There is a lot of anxiety surrounding the ring that it can make the experience a little overwhelming. Fear not! That's exactly what promise rings are for. A promise ring is a token ring that you can use to propose to your loved one. They are usually sterling silver and set with a cubic zirconia so they look like an engagement ring but without the cost and risk that she doesn't like it.

This way the groom can focus on that beautiful romantic proposal and the bride to be can chose the ring that she loves.

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