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Tax Free Shopping

Only orders shipped outside the European Union are TAX FREE


For orders placed within the EU, Value Added Tax (VAT) is chargeable and will be added to your invoice. The current VAT Rate in Ireland is 21%. This amount is added to the EURO price shown on the page for each individual item purchased. Shipping charges are seperate to this and do not have VAT added to them.

VAT charges of 23% must be added to items purchased by a customer with a billing address within the EU but being shipped to another country.

VAT charges of 23% must be added to orders if the customer is ordering from a country with a billing address outside of the EU but the item is being sent to a country within the EU.

Orders shipped to the USA by Fedex will attract a 6% US Import Duty on entry in to the USA and will be billed separately by or on behalf of US Customs & Excise.

Orders shipped to Canada will attract a Canadian Import Duty on entry into Canada. Please check locally to get the exact amount of the duty charges.

Orders shipped to Japan will attract a 5% Japanese Import Duty upon entry into Japan.

Orders shipped to other countries please check with your own Customs offices as to whether you will incur import duty charges on orders being sent to you from Ireland.