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Lazlo Jewellers Galway


About Lazlo’s

Lazlo began manufacturing jewellery in Dublin in 1967 and selling directly to the public from six stores in the centre of Dublin. As Diamond dealers and jewellery manufacturers with in house goldsmiths, designers and diamond setters, Lazlo Jewellers are able to cut out the "middle man" and over the years have grown to be recognised as the name to be trusted for diamond rings. After opening our first shop in Galway in 1984 and with our move to 20 William Street in 1986, Galway became our base. We combine our ability to select the best diamonds directly from the London Diamond Bourse and associated diamond exchanges around the world with an in-house design and manufacturing team second to none.

As they say, a diamond engagement ring is special, a diamond ring from Lazlo’s is very special.

Today, over 50 years later as full service jewellers we offer the same uncompromising attention to detail and continue to update and expand our range of exceptional diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, watches, and sterling silver jewellery online and in store.

Bespoke Specials

A Diamond Engagement Ring Is Special, A Diamond ring from Lazlo Jewellers is very special.

Whether it’s a diamond ring that has been specially made for you or a diamond ring designed by us and selected by you from our ever expanding range. Your guarantee is our experience of over 45 Years as diamond dealers, designers and craftsmen assuring you of the quality of each and every ring.

At Lazlo Jewellers, your requirements will be met and surpassed. Through our membership of all the Diamond Bourses of the world. The place where people who cut and polish diamonds then come to trade them.

We hold stocks of round brilliant cut diamonds and even variations on the standard diamonds such as the impressive 88 facet diamond, that positively shimmers with life or the incredible 100 facet Cento diamond from Roberto Coin. We have Princess cut (square) diamonds including perfectly proportioned Flanders Cut diamonds. We have oval, pear (teardrop) and Emerald cut (rectangular) Diamonds and even stepped diamonds (Asscher Cut) or newer cuts like the hypnotic Webcut. In fact we can quite literally find you a diamond and have it cut to whatever shape takes your fancy.

Perhaps you are looking for a diamond in a specific colour? From Collection Diamonds, D Colour to F Colour, through to Commercial G & H Colour Diamonds and beyond. We will find you your perfect diamond.

Maybe the clarity of the diamond is most important for you. In which case we will find you a diamond from IF (Inernally Flawless) to one with small inclusions (SI), but no lower.

If its sparkle you’re after, then the make (the proportions that the diamond are cut with) is going to be the most important factor. Diamonds with Excellent proportions and excellent symmetry are what we specialise in. Our range of diamonds goes all the way up to Hearts and Arrows diamonds. Diamonds that are so perfectly cut that when viewed through a jewellers loupe (magnifying glass) 6 perfectly formed hearts can be seen on one side and six arrows on the reverse.

And most importantly of all at a price you can afford. Just contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be delighted to help you.
Lazlo Jewellers...Create a Memory!