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About Lazlo Jewellers

Lazlo began manufacturing jewellery in Dublin in 1967 and selling directly to the public from six stores in the centre of Dublin. As Diamond dealers and jewellery manufacturers with in house goldsmiths, designers and diamond setters, Lazlo Jewellers are able to cut out the "middle man" and over the years have grown to be recognised as the name to be trusted for diamond rings.

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Why choose Lazlo

Over 45 Years in Business in Ireland

Jewellery Manufacturers & Diamond Dealers since 1967

Friendly, Dedicated and Experienced Sales Staff

Full Service Jeweller

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When deciding which wedding ring is right for you, there are many different styles to choose from ,first you

need to consider your lifestyle !

Every one is different. A ring design that appeals to one person, may not appeal to another, just as a ring

design that works well with one person's lifestyle may not be appropriate for another person's lifestyle.

You need to consider what effect your lifestyle will have on your wedding ring. Consider the following questions

• Can you wear your wedding ring at work?

• Will you wear your wedding ring everyday?

A wedding ring is not only a symbol of your love, it is also a fashion accessory that will be with you for a long

time. So you need to choose a ring that reflects your personality.You will appreciate your wedding ring more if

you put a little thought into it.

You have the ring, dress and venue booked, the big day is
almost here ! There is only one last detail to consider….what
jewellery to wear with the dress on the day !

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